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BA and QA Training Program

We specialize in BA Training and QA Training with the primary focus on getting you a job! First and foremost, we job train. Not only do we cover the theoretical aspects , we help prepare you for interviews and provide job support even after you are hired. That's our guarantee
Our expert team consists of eminent BA and QA Managers and Professionals who are renowned and have been active in this industry for over 8 decades. Our comprehensive educational program is easy, simple to follow and takes a practical, hands-on approach. Our experienced instructors true professionals to the core provide personalized attention to every individual who signs up for our classes.

Detailed Course Content - EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices Health Care

Section One: Advanced EDI Business Concepts

This session defines EDI-its origin, history, and common terminology. It also describes how EDI has evolved over the years to become a globally recognized standard for doing business electronically. You learn the roles of different organizations (X12N and WEDI) that define the Health Care EDI standard. We will also define how different health industry codes (CARC,RARC,ICD-10,CPT,HCPCS) are used in the EDI data. How EDI is used to compose business solutions in different industries (retail, automotive, transportation, etc.) is explained, as well.

Session Two: Components of an EDI Environment and EDI Communication Methods
Communications is a critical area in any EDI implementation. This session emphasizes different options (value-added networks, Internet EDI-AS1, AS2, FTP, etc.) available for moving vital data from one place to another. It also focuses on EDI enveloping and provides a sample scenario of setting up EDI communications with an EDI trading partner. Examples help you gain an in-depth understanding of how an EDI implementation should be integrated with a company's internal network, hardware, security, and software. The second portion of this session is an overview of the personnel, software, and hardware components of a typical EDI setup.

Session Three: Business Analysis and Mapping Deciphering Health Care EDI Transactions
This session is the bulk of the course and it focuses on the nine Health Care EDI transactions:

270 - Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response
271 - Health Care Eligibility Response
276 - Health Care Claim Status Request
277 - Health Care Claim Status Response
278 - Health Care Services Review - Request for Review and Response
837 - Health Care Claim Institutional, Dental, Professional
835 - Health Care Claim Payment / Advice
834 - Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance

There will be an implementation best practices section for each of the  transactions which will discuss the advantages to be gained and the pitfalls to avoid for each transaction. For the most popular transactions there will be a mapping exercise conducted. All the scenarios, case studies, examples and best practices are from real world Health Care EDI professionals.

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